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for Mesa School Board


Issues & Political Concerns

Education not Indoctrination

I am running for the Mesa Public Schools governing board to restore academics. Math and English Language Arts are the primary drivers of all future learning. Yet, the majority of students are failing in these important subjects. Our children need to master the fundamentals of learning to become confident and self reliant adults. They should learn HOW to think and not what to think.

1776 Curriculum

1776 unites us under a shared value system in the pursuit of freedom and the dignity of mankind. America was founded to give the people rights bestowed by God and not earthly kings. They should be taught how America was unique to any other nation that had come before. Hillsdale College offers free K-12 American History with free teacher training. Hillsdale developed the curriculum with the experts and historians of the 1776 Commission.

No Agenda Driven Theories

Political agendas and "Critical Theories" have no place in our tax payer funded education. The curriculum and programs infiltrating our schools are founded on Marxist principals with the end goal to fundamentally transform America.

Curriculum such as 1619 is divisive and has been DEBUNKED as categorically false by scholars and historians. Critical Race Theory does not even meet academic standards as an accepted theory - it has had no peer review or applied scientific methodology.

Protect Personal Liberty

Everything we do as governing board members should be to amplify your freedoms and choices, not make those choices for you. I support medical choice and medical privacy. I oppose mandates.

Supports School Choice

It is not the role of any governing body or lawmaker to force you into compliance over the upbringing and well being of  YOUR children.

Round Library


I love Arizona and more importantly I love Mesa. It is my home town. I have been a resident of Mesa most of my life and came from the Mesa public school system. I received a Bachelor of Science with honors in psychology at ASU and attended ASU for my post-graduate work in history. I worked for the university as a research and teaching assistant and received a fellowship to go to England to study. I am a first generation college graduate. I know from personal experience that education is the pathway to success, even if you are not attending college. If you master the fundamentals there is no limit to what you can learn.

In my career at Vanguard I managed the retirement plans for Fortune 500 companies. I learned how to create policies to gain efficiencies and navigate government regulations. I will bring these unique skills to the board to reduce administrative spending to fund classrooms and not systems. 

My husband and I have been blessed with a happy and healthy daughter who started kindergarten last year. When my daughter was born I took a hiatus from full time work so I could enjoy being a homemaker with my family. I studied Spalding's "Writing Road to Reading" and taught my daughter phonics so she was reading, writing, and spelling at 5 years old. 

I am actively involved in my community and church. I am Treasurer for my Home Owner's Association, I am a Precinct Committeeman in LD10, and I work with several organizations to promote and protect our rights.

I look forward to the chance to serve the families of Mesa as a member of the governing board.

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American History

1 Year Campaign Update



Kari Lake


Commissioner Justin Olson


Nick Myers - Policy Advisor, Candidate for AZ Corp Commission

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Mesa City Councilman Kevin Thompson, Candidate for AZ Corp Comm

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Jacqueline Parker, Arizona Legislature


John Fillmore, Arizona Legislature

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Barbara Parker, candidate Arizona Legislature

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Republican Liberty Caucus, Free Enterprise Club, Center for Arizona Policy Action, Stand for Health Freedom, Purple for Parents, Arizona Women of Action, AZ MAGA


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