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Rachel Walden

Rachel and her husband and their daughter live in Mesa. They love warm weather, hiking, and traveling the state. Rachel has lived in Arizona since she was a child. Rachel and her husband are life long Republicans.

She received a Bachelor's of Science with honors from Arizona State University and continued at ASU for her post-graduate work. She was hired by the University as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant and is a fellowship recipient. She is a first generation college graduate.

Rachel grew up working in finance and business. She was raised by a hard working single mother in a family of 5 children. Her mother was a self employed financial planner and Rachel spent years working in the family office. That experience led to her career with Vanguard. Rachel managed the Institutional accounts for some of the most recognized companies in America. She learned to navigate government regulations and write policies to streamline administration. Rachel was exceptionally skilled at having bold conversations with her clients to improve processes and improve client relations. Rachel had securities licenses and received annual training on fraud prevention and money laundering and other securities related topics.

She inherited her work ethic and patriotism from her mother's example. Rachel's mom made it a point to teach her children to never take a handout from the government because true freedom was found through self reliance. She taught her children the importance and blessings of America's founding principles and virtues and that the role of government was only to preserve the rights of the people. Rachel's upbringing helped her escape the leftist indoctrination found in our Universities.  

Rachel is a member of the Mesa Public Schools Governing Board, the largest school district in the state. As a Governing member she has prioritized academic achievement, parental rights, fiscal responsibility, and transparency.

VOTE Rachel WALDEN in the Primary election August 6, 2024.


Put Arizonans First

The Commissioners regulate providers of electricity, water, gas and approve the rates the consumers pay. The Commissioners also enforce the securities marketplace to protect consumers from fraudulent investments. We need to work to create an efficient and effective organization that is responsive to our communities and businesses within our state. 

Stop Green New Deal Style Policy

The Corporation Commission is supposed to regulate, not legislate. Forced climate goals and forced investments onto utility providers put the rate payer last and thwarts free market principles. The government should not pick winners and losers in the marketplace. 

Reliable and Affordable Utilities

Resource Adequacy, the ability of the electric grid to meet power demands, is a topic of importance for the future as the state population continues to grow. Arizona needs to continue a mixed portfolio of energy options to allow predictable, abundant, and well distributed resources across our state. 

No Mandates or Subsidies

Government interference drives up the cost of energy. The utility companies have the resources to make decisions to help keep their costs down and run their businesses effectively. 


I am proud to have support from many elected officials, community leaders and state officials across Arizona


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